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Cement for the teeth to seal them self - Hiflex RR - Self Cure Acrylic Kit

Cement for the teeth to seal them self - Hiflex RR - Self Cure Acrylic Kit 
I'm afraid to go to the dentist,or maybe you just of money it is a pity,because now their services are not cheap or maybe both? We understand you. Now it is possible to do without the services of dentists, if you only need to put a small filling and the tooth does not hurt you at all. Do the seals yourself, one kit Hiflex RR - Self Cure Acrylic Kit You have enough for a few teeth or one year even. You really save if you do everything yourself,it's simple. You'll see how easy it is to be a dentist. Hiflex RR - self Cure acrylic kit from UK Application: Mix for 30 seconds. Mix not a lot,for example in a tablespoon of powder put a teaspoon of the liquid.this is a special solution in the kit. Mix everything to the state while your mixing, this solution will not turn to thick sour cream or clay. Then apply it on the tooth and after 10-15 minutes the filling becomes solid Technical product information Hiflex RR - a product of very high quality. Composition: A mixture based on methyl methacrylate monomer The dye and fillers (color of fillings under the gum pink) Product advantages: Produces an extremely durable seal The product is very liquid and plastic,easy to give any shape you need. After application to the tooth, can in 15-20 minutes even to eat. Included Powder - 225g Liquid - 150 ml 3 acrylic shades available: pink, veined pink, transparent