Advertising on Twitter

You want to tell about your product or company in a short time and the huge audience? Then you just need to place your ads on Twitter! Question:what does it do? Answer: To quickly promote an ad or your ad. In these days of our live bloggers,among which there are famous people and even artists in the number of people willing to write any of your text. The texts that they write, we invent,such that to read them will want everything,it is possible that they will be, even in poetic form, why not. You talk about the Runet and not only, because of all the messages on Twitter are indexed by search engines, as a result, the information that you post on Twitter, in the future it will be possible to find in any search engine. The more often you are on Twitter, the more will be the demand for the promoted object which will be discussed on Twitter. Why is it done? To put it simply the posting of links and text in the gives an important competitive advantage, positively affecting the position of Your site in the search for Yandex and Google. The fact is that for really popular sites, like news sites, a significant part of the reference comes from Twitter and other social services.networks. Yandex/Google monitor this, and conclude that the sites interesting to regular users and therefore increase the position of these sites in the search as more significant. This algorithm is called behavioral or social factors. If you order your advertising campaign with us, we'll think about making the text interesting to read and it is to please everyone. Statistics published tweets available.